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Anonymous said: All your posts. The photos you reblog, the personal questions you answer, your poems.

Hmm ok..

Anonymous said: Not entertain....I just enjoy your posts that's all.

Which posts?

Anonymous said: Why are you boring now?

Sorry I’ve not been around to entertain you, anon.. o_O

“Faint heart ne’er won fair maid”

—   6 word story

Some things are easier to write than say.


Some things are easier to write than say.

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Anonymous said: No need to be rude

I wasn’t being rude. It was meant sincerely..

Anonymous said: Me

Well thanks for caring, anon..

Anonymous said: When are you coming back?

Who cares?

In defiance of the sun she cried,
With moonlight spilling from her eyes..

As beneath the dark and stormy sky,
She softly bade the world goodbye,
And gazing into raging sea,
Fell backwards into waiting dreams.

And her sins were somehow washed away,
Cleansed from waters’ violent spray,
And torn from skin by screaming wind,
She closed her eyes, and plunged straight in.

By silver gleam, through dying light,
She spread her arms, dove into night.
And as the waters swept her, broken,
On daylight drifted soft words spoken;

Remember me each time you see,
Footsteps fade into the Ocean…

—   3000milesfromsanity

Checking out..

Hey fellow Tumblrs..
I’d be surprised if anybody cares, but I’ve decided to check out for a while.
People who know me will understand why, but for the rest of you; I just need to disappear for a while.
Anyways, thanks for following me and I’ll be back online in a few weeks.

TC, Laters..